What is a coir, latex and wool filled cushion like to sit on?

Slightly firmer than a foam filled cushion

How do I clean my Organic Seat cushion?

There are many eco -friendly cleaning products on the market.  DO NOT wash.  Cotton will shrink and there is a risk the interior will not fit back in to the case

Is the cushion reversible?

Yes:  it will extend the cushion lifespan and help reduce dipping in the seat.

We do not use the Velcro attached to the Poang chair and recommend the strip of velcro on the frame is covered or removed before fitting the cushion.  This will prevent pilling where the back of the cushion touches the strip.

Is the stool cushion reversible?

No – we cannot conceal the zip underneath the stool cushion

Why do the cushions have zips if non-washable?

  • For ease of manufacture
  • gives an improved appearance over hand sewn covers

How accurate are the fabric colour images?

Photographic images can vary and each roll of fabric can have a slight shade variation.  

Can I use a protective spray?

Not recommended –  unlikely to be eco-friendly and the fabric manufacturers advise against it

Could my new cushion have a slight smell?

Natural fibres may initially have a very slight aroma – this will disappear once the cushion is aired.

Does the cushion comply with UK Fire Regulations?

Yes – using a combination of organic and natural fibres

I have a Poang rocking chair – will the cushion fit this model?


Where will the cushions be made?

Components sourced from within the UK and cushions manufactured in Nottinghamshire

Why is organic upholstery expensive?

The purchase and sourcing of natural fillings is costly and requires specialist and time-consuming skills to produce.

Is there a warranty?

Yes – 12 months on workmanship

What is delivery?

Approximately 4-6 weeks